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Frequency Healer

Get advanced tracking with an EDA sensor, plus high & low heart rate notifications and an on-wrist skin temperature sensor.

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Exclusive Offer Up To 50% OFF

Frequency Healer

Healy helps you live a healthy, balanced life by tracking your all-day activity, exercise, sleep, and weight.

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In December 2019 our family had our first treatments with Frequently Specific Microcurrent. Before the treatment, I needed a cane in order to walk due to hip pain. Afterwards the pain in my hip was completely gone and never came back. Before the treatment my wife demanded a backrub every night. After the treatment she forgot about the backrub until the third night when she requested (not demanded) one. For my daughter, she said that her treatment relieved her scoliosis pain more than anything else had in the last ten years. The doctor that treated us recommended that we purchase the Healy when it became available so that we would not need to keep coming to him for treatments.
In October 2020 the Healy became available to me. It provides similar treatments through a wearable device that actually analyses what frequencies we need.

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My primary testimony is greatly reduced recovery time after running long distances. Before the Healy, I would be only half-functioning for the rest of the day after running a half-marathon. Within a month of using the Healy, my recovery time for a half-marathon had reduced to a shower, a meal and a fifteen-minute nap. Now, after three more months, I am running slightly faster and I usually forego the nap. In addition to this, I go to sleep quicker at night and wake up less often to go to the restroom. And, most of the miscellaneous pains that usually accompanied me as a month progresses never show up. Instead, the effervescence of life has begun to spring up in me again.


The analyse app checks to see which programs it has available that matches the needs of the body best. When I ran the analyse app on friends, it listed their major health issues as being something that the person was painfully aware of. For one person it was sleep, for another eye support (due to having surgery on his eyes two days earlier), for another anxiety, then tooth pain. (With one treatment the anxiety was gone for a day and a half and the tooth pain was gone for a day.)


I am hyper sensitive to any environmental toxin and have lived with pain my entire life. The Healy has done more in a shorter time to relieve my symptoms than anything else I have ever tried. Twice in the last two weeks I actually felt good. I had never felt good in my entire life before this.


Vortex Water Revitalizer

Water is the most amazing substance on earth. Science has declared this for centuries. One of the things that is not common knowledge about water is that it is the best solvent on earth. It dissolves more substances then any other matter. When it dissolves something, part of that thing is absorbed into the water. In some cases physical particles are absorbed, in other cases only the vibrational characteristics are absorbed. Many people know that when spring water passes through an iron field, it picks up the taste of iron. When it passes through a sulfur field it picks up the smell of sulfur. What they don’t know is that when it passes through an emotional field it also picks up something from that emotion.

The Vortex Water Vitalizer allows the water to throw off unwanted frequencies and revert back to its native healthy state. The Healy adds wanted frequencies to your body, mostly to the water in the individual cells in your body, to further encourage vibrant health.

“Wild microalgae has been the foundation of my personal health care regime for 27 years.”

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Our Three Pillars: Frequencies for life – Motion for life – Nutrition for life.
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